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Video Conferencing Parental Consent

Video Conferencing: Student Agreement & Parental Consent

This agreement contains information outlining responsible use of video conferencing at Plympton International College (PIC).

Upon commencement of Term Two regular classes will occur via interactive video conferencing (i.e., virtual “face-to-face” lessons) in lieu of, or in addition to, “in-class” lessons.

Video conferencing (VC) is a real-time interactive audio and visual technology that enables Teachers to provide instruction remotely. The VC system PIC uses is Webex (www.webex.com) and Microsoft Teams, both meeting standards of encryption and privacy protection as deemed appropriate by the Department for Education South Australia.

Students are expected to show respect to all members of the school community in person and online – ensuring all College rules are followed at all times.

Students must behave in an ethical manner at all times when interacting and using video conferencing tools for learning. In addition it is expected that students will follow the College values when conducting themselves and interacting online.

It is an expectation that students are to be in school uniform and follow all instructions of their teachers. This includes responsible behaviour during online class time.

The College will respond to any breaches of the behaviour codes described herein as per the College’s existing behaviour management processes.

Students should have an understanding of and abide by the Digital Technology Policy and ICT/Cyber-safety User Agreement for Students
(Available at: PIC_Student_CyberSafety_User_Agreement.August.2019.pdf).

Online sessions will be recorded where possible and uploaded for the class members to access at anytime.  

I understand that using video conferencing is intended for educational purposes.

I understand that every reasonable precaution has been taken by the school to provide for online safety.

This Agreement/Consent form will remain in operation while your child is enrolled at the College. If it becomes necessary to add/amend any information, you will be advised in writing. 

Video Conferencing:Student Agreement & Parental Consent.pdf

Video Conferencing : Student Agreement & Parental Consent