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We are really happy that we made the difficult decision to change schools so our children could be part of Plympton International College's bilingual program.  Our children were enjoying Saturday Chinese school but we wanted them to have exposure to speaking, reading and writing Chinese every school day. All the staff are very encouraging and always open to providing extra work or help when our children need it.
 John (Parent)


My 5yr old son just randomly counted to four in Chinese before he did something... he's only been at school 4 weeks! I love that their brains are being challenged by the bilingual program...I noticed last year at assembly when a teacher was speaking English there was a general murmur of whispers...but when the teacher spoke Chinese, there was silence amongst the students, they have to concentrate a bit harder and therefore less mucking around. The excitement from all the staff is infectious, I'm excited where my children's schooling will take them!
Sarah (Parent)

I chose PIC for my children firstly because it's my local school and secondly because it's an R-12 school. I found it quite appealing that my children could be in one place for their entire school based learning. For us it feels like an extended family. Since joining the school over ten years ago I have watched it grow and develop into what is now a centre of excellence. PIC became the first bi-lingual school in South Australia and they are now teaching Mandarin Chinese. My children love their lessons and often practice songs and dances to Chinese music at home. I became so invested in what was happening at the school that I joined the Governing Council and I am the current chairperson. I helped lobby for the bi-lingual program which I see as an added bonus for my children and their future employment. I was proud to see the development of the Health Industries Trade School Centre and the STEM building re-development in my time on the council. I intend to keep working hard for the school and my children as I want to see them get the best possible outcomes. I am excited that our learning achievements have steadily improved and continue to do so. I am confident that my children are in the best place they could be.
Samantha (Parent)


As a former student of PIC (William Light), the transformation I have seen the college undertake is nothing short of extraordinary. There is a fresh feel about it and the teachers are very active, engaging and eager to help students achieve their full potential. This energy has filtered to the students who are aiming high and fulfilling their own potential. These aspects are working hand-in-hand and the results are speaking for themselves. I joined governing council to give back to the community that helped me achieve and strive to be my best and I feel that we are heading in the right direction.
Simon Tsiaparis (Plympton Ward Councillor & Former Student)


“I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank each and everyone who were part of the growing years of my children. I will forever be grateful to your school and it truly became a home for my children. They learned valuable lessons, became confident about who they are, built a foundation for success, and gained knowledge that will prepare them for the tougher challenges ahead. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.”
Katrina (Parent)


“Rachel has had so many opportunities made available to her through your broad curriculum and her time with you has allowed for much growth and personal achievement. She cannot speak more highly of her teachers and their acknowledgement of her as an individual and I fully support her views…you have given so much and we have truly appreciated your generosity of spirit and commitment to foster the needs of the individual. As a family we have been so grateful for everything you have offered and your professional conduct. I will miss the friendly welcome of the front office staff in person and at the end of a phone, as well as the interchanges with staff at parent/teacher discussions, where I found staff to be informed and honest in their sharing of information.”
Tess (Parent)


“Thank you so much for all of the opportunities you have given me over the past two years. This school has supported my needs so well and given me a sense of independence and freedom. The environment is one of true community and acceptance. I can see just how hard this school works to provide a positive learning experience for all of its students. I hope that Plympton International College has many great years ahead and that more people choose to send their children here because they truly will be blessed with a unique and hospitable learning environment.”
Rachel (Student)


“The evening tour was a pleasure to attend.  Plympton International College has well-behaved and courteous students.  This is true for the students who were our tour guides as well as for all the students seen outside of school.  I personally will not pursue further tours because the Open Day evening sufficiently answered questions for my daughter and me.  Please extend my thanks to staff and students because Plympton International College is a very nice school.”
Carmel (Parent)


“I am writing to say we have received the Yearbook and I delivered it to Matthew. It was so heartwarming to see him looking back at the last year and remembering everything, with pride and his mates, with fondness! He was thrilled!  And had some major chuckles! Matthew is doing so well at Griffith University!  He is studying:  Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics! I am so proud of him!”
Ruth (Parent)


“I write to thank you for providing Kirat and myself an opportunity to attend Public Schools Leadership Symposium (PSLS) at Adelaide High school today. It was a great experience to meet students from other public schools and form networks……..We are hoping to discuss with you to explore implementation of some of the ideas, to help spread awareness in Plympton International College students which can motivate and inspire the school community. We appreciate and are grateful to our school for providing us excellent opportunities such as this, to help enhance our leadership skills and support the school.”
Bansai and Kirat (School Captains)


“The Health Industry Pathways Program at Plympton International College has been a highly successful program over many years. Students in the program have successfully transitioned to employment and further education in the health industry. The program is strongly supported by the school, community and industry partners, as well as other schools in Western Adelaide.”
Toni Andrew, Senior Leader: Student Pathways, Western Adelaide Secondary Schools Network (WASSN).