Centre of Excellence for R-12 Learners
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Principal Tour Monday September 9 at 9:15 am - No Booking Required


Plympton International College is a convenient 'one stop shop' for parents and students. We offer places for students just starting school in Reception, right through to Junior Years (R to Year 5), Middle Years (Years 6 to 9) and Senior Years (Years 10 to 12). 

Experience Plympton International College

Each year, we hold Open Days to enable new families to participate in a guided tour of our School Community and Facilities. Complementing this we welcome one-on-one meetings to enable you to ask specific questions important to your family and child to ensure your child's education path is planned to suit their specific needs.

We invite you to download a copy of our School information book and to contact us to arrange to visit the school for a tour.


Please visit the Deparment for Education website to find your local zoned school. www.education.sa.gov.au


Students are able to commence their schooling at any time throughout the year in line with your circumstances and providing a place is offered. Transition Programs for all new students are an important part of introducing new Students and their families to our School community.

Some children move to Plympton International College a year or two before commencement of the standard 'Senior Years' (in Year 6 or 7) to enable them to settle in to their new school community.  Some join in Year 8 after transferring from traditional Primary Schools. Many of our students commence with us at Reception and go all the way through with their brothers and sisters to Year 12. This is a major benefit Plympton International College offers as a Reception to Year 12 school.

With many of our students undertaking all of their schooling at Plympton International College, it enables us to link any new students to 'Buddies' - children already in that year level, with full knowledge of our school and its facilities.