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Our Community

What makes Plympton International College so special? Everyone involved with our school knows it has something special about it. Some people say it is because it’s a ‘small’ school, for some it is the ‘family feel’, but for many of us it is the amazing children and teenagers. We thought you may enjoy reading about an example of the caring nature and initiative of one such special member of our school community – Amy.

Toy Sale
A simple sign, written in a young child’s handwriting and sharing a heartfelt plea, said it all: Toy Sale – please help my Dad get better.
Two little girls sat in their front yard with a table laden with toys recently, all in the name of a very special cause. Amy’s dad has been undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (All), so she and Alanah decided to do what they could to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
After five hours, when stuffed animals and dolls, trinkets and games had gone to their new owners, the beaming young philanthropists had raised magnificent $50.
On behalf of us all at the Leukaemia Foundation, congratulations and thank you, Amy and Alanah. You are two very special girls with two very big hearts.