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Governing Council

Governing Council has general oversight over the directions & policies of the school. It is made up of elected representatives from staff, students, parent body & community members.

We meet twice a term & parent representatives are elected at the AGM for a 2 year term.

All meetings begin at 6.30p.m.

2020 Meetings : 

Term 1 - Tuesday 11th Feb (Week 3) - AGM
Term 1 - Wednesday 18th March (Week 8)

Term 2 - Wednesday 20th May (Week 4)
Term 2 - Wednesday 17th June  (Week 8)

Term 3 - Wednesday 12th August (Week 4)
Term 3 - Wednesday 9th September (Week 8)

Term 4 - Wednesday 4th November (Week 4)
Term 4 - Wednesday 2nd December (Week 8)

Click here for the 2020 Nomination Form.

Governing Council Sub-Committees

We have a number of sub-committees that parents are invited to join :

  • Grounds & Maintenance
    Responsible for identifying areas of improvement around the school & prioritizing importance.
  • Fundraising – Events
    Raise money for school, organise fun family events & school activities for the community.
  • Canteen
    Review food options at the canteen under the Right Bites program to promote healthy eating.
  • Uniform
    Assess uniform needs & arrange them into Summer & Winter.
  • OSHC
    School childcare – before & after school program.
  • Sport
    Organising our After School sports program, health & fitness.
  • Finance
    Ensures the smooth running operations of the school, budgets, fees & resources.
  • SRC
    Student Voice – representatives from each year level communicate to school their peers needs.
  • Parents & Friends
    All new parents & community members can exchange information & seek help from one another. We have a closed Face Book group “Plympton Parents & Friends” if you’re looking for contacts.

Leave your name & contact numbers – advise what interests you most & you will receive an email before the Annual General Meeting.


The school runs best with your assistance & we welcome any help you can provide. Helpers in the Canteen, assistants on school excursions & assistance with Reading programs. Class representatives assisting staff with class information.

Further information

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