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Student Events

Summer Book Challenge

Over the summer students are welcome to participate in our Summer Reading Challenge.

One: Read somewhere unusual and get someone to take a picture of you reading.

Two: Take on the personality of your favourite character. Pretend you are the character for a meal with your family. Write or make a video recount of what happened.

Three: Find a book that has been turned into a film. Read the book and watch the film. Write 5 points about why the book or film is better. 

Four: Contact a family member or friend; ask them to write you a letter about why reading is good for your imagination.

Five: Make an advertisement (print or video) for your favourite book.

Six: Find characters that are similar to you. Think about the common positive personality traits. Create a new character that represents you.

Seven: Ask your family members what their favourite books were at your age and read one of the books.

Eight: Make a character or scene from a book using recycled items from around your house.

Nine: Create a recommended book list for books about your favourite topic.

Ten: Take a bookface photo.

Important to note:

This challenge is for both primary and secondary students. It is intended to be a fun challenge to promote the love of reading.

Do not anything unsafe, that promotes violence, nudity, sex or that is offensive.

If you choose to share your challenge with our college community, you can send evidence to https://www.plymptoncollege.sa.edu.au/contact-us/content-submission/ and it maybe shared on the college social media accounts.